A GIRL'S PHOTO As Tsumami means the act of pinching,the name comes from its process of traditional crafting by pinching a small, square-cut piece of cloth, which is usually obtained out of fine silk. This small but eye-catching article has been made into part of the quintessence of the Japanese handicraft, so as to further brighten typical hairdoes of young women with kimonos in celebration of New Years, birthdays, and so on.
The origin of this "work of art" dates back to Edo Period over 200 years ago, when Toyokuni and Kiyomine, Ukiyoe-painters, were well-reputated for their portrayal of current society, while in Europe Beethoven was in the highlight of his historical activities on music.
As present, there are only as many as 15 craft-men who are skillful enough to work out these "Tsumami-Kanzashi" as shown here.
"Tsumami-Kanzashi" has been generally used as ornaments of your rooms, as well as for gift-sending purposes.