Three-Generation Exhibition of Tsumami-Kanzashi in Xi'an: Report 2

1997 July 4 (Friday) - July 6 (Sunday)

In national costumes
The opening ceremony was a great pageant decorated with both Chinese and Japanese national costumes. The Tsumami-Kanzashi were introduced and appraised with flowers presented, infront of many guests. The circular entrance shown at the back is a tea room of the hotel, and the exhibition venue is on the second floor.
China is bustling with the mood of festivity to commemorate the reversion of Hong Kong back to China. The exhibition includes alineup of about 80 Tsumami-Kanzashi crafted by the three generations of the Ishida family --Takeji, Kenji and Tsuyoshi -- along with about 50 relevant photos. Entrance
Entrance of the venue
In the venue
In the venue
The occasion boomed with many visitors that seemed extremely interested in what was presented, though this was a privately organized event, to the point some even took notes ofthe Chinese transl ations. Needless to say, the story was covered by the local press and aired on TV. The opening day,in particular, was especially crowded with many, many visitors that came to witness this exhibition.
The female staff dressed in Japanese kimono were photographed all day as picture-perfect models. The men held an improvised workshop of Tsumami-Kanzashi. The white table shown in the center to the right of the photo is the workshop. The Chinese are generally known for manual dexterity, and thus, eagerly challenged the hairpin handicrafting as instructed. In the venue
In the venue